Mini-Course on PDE-Constrained Optimization, May 23-27, 2011

Practical information

Lecture Location

The Courses takes place at the "Alte Universität" (Rheinsprung 9), which is located overlooking the Rhein river in the center of town.

The mini-course will also be broadcast live to the ETH Zurich, room HG D22, ETH Zentrum, Rämistrasse 101, Zurich

Access from Basel CFF/SBB train station

In front of the train station (Basel SBB) is the "Centralbahnplatz" were you can take the Tram Nr. 2 (direction Messe/Eglisee, till stop "Kunstmuseum"), the Tram Nr. 8 (direction Kleinhüningen, till stop "Marktplatz" or "Schifflände"), or the Tram Nr. 11 (direction St-Louis, till stop "Marktplatz" or "Schifflände").

  • From the stop "Kunstmuseum", walk along the "Rittergasse" to the Munster. Continue down via "Augustinergasse" to "Rheinspung". The building "Alte Universität" is at the end of the street to your right.
  • From the stop "Marktplatz", walk along the "Eisengasse". Just before the bridge turn to your right to the "Rheinspung" (between the restaurant Spillman and the book-store). The building "Alte Universität" is just on your left after the photo-shop.
  • From the stop "Schifflände", take the "Rheinsprung" (between the restaurant Spillman and the book-store) The building "Alte Universität" is just on your left after the photo-store.

You have to buy tickets at the vending machine, to do so, choose "1 Zone" (3.00 Fr. single fare, 2.00 Fr. reduced single fare).

You can also walk from the Basel SBB train station to the conference site. It takes approximatively 15-20 minutes: from the "Centralbahnplatz", go along the "Aeschengraben" in front of you, till the big round-about. Take the "Dufourstrasse" to your left till the next round-about. In front of you is the "Rittergasse", till the Munster and finally down to "Rheinsprung".


The recommended Hotel Bildungszentrum 21 and Hotel Rochat, seem to be fully booked, so another few recommendations are:

In General, Basel is very well connected with its Tram and Bus system, so any hotel you find in Basel is going to be 15-30 minutes from the Venue, which is very centrally located. Basel itself, is a fairly small city, so many hotels you can find via any online-search is likely to be well-located.

Below is the Google-Maps instructions from the SBB Trainstation to the course-location.

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Parking in Basel

Parking close to the city centers: The following parking are close to the conference site: "Storchen", "Kantonsspital", or "Aeschen". For more informations, please visit the Basel traffic information

Photos of the site

Picture 1
View from across the Rhine at the "Alte Unversität"
Picture 2
The "Mittlere Brücke"
Picture 3
The Basel town hall at the "Marktplatz"
Picture 4
Rheinsprung, the footway from the tram stop "Schifflände" to the "Alte Universität"
Picture 5
Entrance to the "Alte Universität"
Picture 6
Lecture room I
Picture 9
Map of the site
Picture 8
The Basel "Münster", located in the proximity of the Mini-Course site